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I found this extremely moving video on this website. Their goal is to put the love of Israel and Tzionut back on the map. “ישראל שלי” היא קבוצת פעולה באינטרנט להפצת קולות של ציונות ואהבת הארץ ברשת שיעמדו מנגד למצגי השווא והדיסאינפורמציה בתקשורת. אנחנו מזמינים אתכם להרשם לקבלת עדכונים ולהשתתף בשיח הציבורי בישראל – להשמיע ולהשפיע


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I know it’s sefira now, but I have to add this to my Yom Hazikaron/Haatzmaut posts. This song was written by a young soldier to his young bride. He never came back from the war, never got to raise his newborn son. But his words live on in this powerful song about love, and the ability to love unconditionally and powerfully.

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Israeli Air Force jets fly over the base

Many people I’ve spoken to are against visiting the many army/air force/and naval bases because they can’t stand all the kids jumping all over the tanks when they feel the mood should be more solemn and serious. I agree with the sentiment that the army is “serious” and has to be thought of like that- unfortunately it IS a dangerous place to be and everyone knows someone who was killed in battle or affected by terrorism here. However, I feel really strongly that we should all go out and show support for our soldiers on Memorial Day and Independence Day BECAUSE of that fact- because everyone knows someone. These soldiers are not just someone we heard about on the news- they are our sons, daughters, brothers, cousins, and friends. Every person has a connection to the Israeli Army and that’s reason enough to go and show support.

On Yom HaAtzmaut this year we went to an Air Force Base in the center of the country and we had a blast. Our children who are 1 and 3 have that much more of a connection with the State because of it- and they also loved watching the airplanes. Even my 1 year old can say “Hercules” now!

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I came accross this site yesterday. I am sure there are many that I didn’t have time to look up, but it’s a cute little site and it gives you some ideas. One thing everyone should know is that all the army bases in the country are open so feel free to visit and say thank you to our soldiers.

Click here for a link for Yom Haatzmaut activities

Click here for more ideas for family activities. I’ll expound on some of them in a different post. Many good ideas here. Just remember, you can also go to any National Park on holidays like this and there are always activities going on.

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Last night at Ahuva’s yummy Yom Haatzmaut meal, we were talking about things we appreciate here that wouldn’t happen outside of Israel. My friend Sharon commented that her son wouldn’t have sang the song with the verse “ani baniti bayit…” anywhere outside of Israel and it occured to me that no matter where we live, there’s no other place in the world besides our Medinat Yisrael that MY son would have spontaneously broke out into the song “Happy Birthday to you” about. It just makes you appreciate what a special place this is and what a blessing it is to live here.

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