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So Bugaboo has come out with a double stroller- finally! But they call it the Bugaboo Donkey. Why? Well that got me thinking about donkeys. We see them used a lot in Israel…my kids love driving to Gush Etzion just to see the donkeys on the side of the road. I think this quote from Wikipedia sums it up:

The ancestors of the modern donkey are the Nubian and Somalian subspecies of African wild ass.[18][19] The African Wild Ass was domesticated around 4000 BC. The donkey became an important pack animal for people living in the Egyptian and Nubian regions as they can easily carry 20% to 30% of their own body weight and can also be used as a farming and dairy animal. By 1800 BC, the ass had reached the Middle East, where the trading city of Damascus was referred to as the “City of Asses” in cuneiform texts. Syria produced at least three breeds of donkeys, including a saddle breed with a graceful, easy gait. These were favored by women.[citation needed]

Yes, us women do enjoy a good stroller (donkey) that holds a lot of stuff and pushes around a lot of children. And we also like it to be light, narrow, comfortable, and if it could do our grocery shopping for us, we wouldn’t mind! (Shout out to my friend Tamar who is also always in search of the “perfect stroller”)

Anyway, I’m sure the price on this one is not going to be “perfect” and since it’s only coming out in the spring, we’ll all just have to wait and see. In the meantime, here are some specs and pics.

– It actually goes from a single stroller to a side-by-side double and back again. In three clicks.

– The Mono mode has extra side storage.

–  You can attach the big kid riding board using a special adapter.

Sounds fun! Sounds like you might need a donkey to push around that many kids and stuff…But get back to me with the price and then we’ll talk…

bugaboo donkey from bugaboo on Vimeo.


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Hello again Bugaboo

The Beloved Bugaboo

The Beloved Bugaboo

Since I’m in my 8th month of pregnancy, I thought I’d attempt to get my Bugaboo wheels fixed. You see, for about a year now, the Bugaboo has been sitting in our living room with one flat tire. We attempted to fix it but it wouldn’t pump. I went all the way to the store I bought it in called SEGAL (in Talpiot) and they couldn’t help me. They said they don’t do tikkunim, but they gave me the number for Bugaboo Israel- ie: someone named Reut’s cell number. I called Reut and a man picked up. “Can I speak to Reut please?” “eh, Reut isn’t working here anymore. It’s Itzik.” I proceeded to tell Itzik the problem and he said, “Oh we don’t do that.” (Well what do you do then??!?!!) He told me his friend Tzachi works at Chasdei Shmuel and to tell him I spoke to Itzik and he should help me. You see, that’s how it works here. No customer service. No organized anything, but yes my friend so and so can do x for you, just tell him you spoke to me. It’s better than customer service! It’s like everyone’s your long lost Uncle Morty who will do you a favor.

So I made my way to Chasdei Shmuel and they fixed it. Btw- I did have to beg say I spoke to Itzik/or Bugaboo Israel, for them to give me any attention, but it was worth it to get my Bugaboo back.

Website: Chasdei Shmuel website

or More info on Chasdei Shmuel

Phone Number: 02-538-4414

Tips: They open at 10:00 am- so those of you who want to go right after you drop your kids off at gan- don’t bother. Put in a load of laundry first, maybe catch up on some work, then go.
You must ask for Tzachi (he wears a white shirt and velvet kippa, like most of the workers there and is very nice and helpful). He speaks pretty good english.

To get there the easiest way coming from the central bus station or the entrance to the city, you can go all the way down (or up) Yirmiyahu street till the big intersection called Shmuel HaNavi St. Make a left and your first left is Ezrat (or Ezras) Torah neighborhood. Make the first right and go down the hill. You’ll see the store on the left.

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