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Dear Miss A…

I’m just sitting here wondering if I can stop time and keep you at this age forever? I love that I can hold you and squeeze you and you don’t run away. I can make you laugh by just looking at you. Even though you are one of 3, you are yourself. You love being part of the gang, but you are also independent. You love looking at people, shmoozing, and making eyes at them. You’d rather be 3-years-old than 1 year- I can tell because when your siblings go to school each day, you try to jump out of your seat too. But if I kept you at this age, I would never know what you want to say when you babble and scream. I would never know if you actually like wearing tutus or if you wear them because Miss T puts them on you. I can’t wait to see what you turn out like- whether you’ll be a doctor, zookeeper, or an artist. I know for sure that you are indescribably sweet, and exceedingly smart. I am savoring watching you grow. You are one of a kind, my beautiful girl, and I love you.




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