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Proud of my new tzitzit

This morning I peeked into G’s window at gan for an extra few seconds. He looked so big to me with his new pair of tzitzit. You see, this month he’s undergone some major transformations. We cut his hair, he wears his new Thomas and friends kippa, and now he wears tzitzit- that was today’s addition. He is now officially a little boy. Not that little baby that I held all night the first night home from the hospital. Not the little boy who began crawling towards a pair of keys when his Savta decided he needed to learn already. And not the toddler that began walking erev shavuot to his Aunt Adena. He’s a little boy now. He looks out for his sister, he loves reading and building tracks for his trains. He loves helping out around the house and pretending to be riding all sorts of large vehicles (today it was a BIG TRUCK- he built it out of all the couch pillows, his blanket, and the top of a rubbermaid box for the windshield). He can count to twenty, can speak two languages, can say sorry, please, and thank you, and knows that he is so so so loved by so many people.  What makes me all the more proud is that when he was putting on his tzitzit this morning and Rafi was explaining why we wear tzitzit (to think of Hashem and thank him for what he has given us), he says, “we say thank you to Hashem for food!” He’s getting it! We try so hard to say brachot and bench and you wonder what’s sinking in and now I know that this sense of gratitude is really there.

Gedalya, I love you and I’m so proud of you!




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