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We were at our friends Steven and Ariella and this vort came from him (through Rafi…)

A Childlike Simplicity of Shmini Atzeret

Shmini Atzeret is the 8th day after Sukkot. It’s unlike the 7 first days in that we don’t sit in Sukkot, nor do we do any of the commandments associated with Sukkot- like taking the lulav and etrog. In the beit ha’mikdash it was also different- all the days of Sukkot had many sacrifices, alluding to including all the nations in our celebration, but the 8th day was just for B’nei Yisrael- we only have one of each sacrifice, representing the intimate relationship between B’nei Yisrael and Hashem.

It’s easier to relate to Shmini Atzeret in chu”l than in Israel. If the idea of Shmini Atzeret (literally: stopping on the 8th day) is to have one day at the end of the holiday season to just spend with Hashem, then doesn’t the Simchat Torah part kind of interfere with that? In chul they have one day of Shmini Atzeret and one day of Simchat Torah. Makes much more sense- each day is separate with a different idea. But if you think about it, Shmini Atzeret is a simple day. No mitzvot like sukkah and lulav. Barely any korbanot- only one of each kind, in contrast to Sukkot. It’s simple, just us and Hashem. (more…)


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My Israel

I found this extremely moving video on this website. Their goal is to put the love of Israel and Tzionut back on the map. “ישראל שלי” היא קבוצת פעולה באינטרנט להפצת קולות של ציונות ואהבת הארץ ברשת שיעמדו מנגד למצגי השווא והדיסאינפורמציה בתקשורת. אנחנו מזמינים אתכם להרשם לקבלת עדכונים ולהשתתף בשיח הציבורי בישראל – להשמיע ולהשפיע

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Yom Hazikaron

Our sons, daughters, our brothers, sisters, everyone knows someone who gave their lives so that we could live here in peace. We have an obligation to remember  and hear and listen to their stories.

בלוויה שלך בקושי הלכתי. בקושי עמדתי. בקושי נשמתי. ואני זוכרת שאפילו ניסיתי להפסיק לנשום כדי פעם אחרונה להיות איתך. מהרגע שראיתי את אמא באותו הלילה ועד ללוויה לא הוצאתי מילה. רק שמעתי שוב ושוב את ההודעה האחרונה שהשארת לי כמה שעות קודם לכן, לפני שעלית על המסוק, שהחזיר אותך אחר כך עטוף לתמיד בשמיכה צבאית והרגשה של בחילה (אחות של גיא

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My Lucky Day

What I’m referring to is miluim (army service- reserve duty) and what I mean is, why is it that it always falls at the WORST POSSIBLE TIME! Let me share. In 2005, July 13th to be exact, I made aliyah. Mazal tov to me! It was both exciting, exhilerating, and frightening. Didn’t speak very much Hebrew and certainly hadn’t learned the art of chutzpah yet (probably the most frightening part). The day after we arrived, we had a lot to do- finding an apartment, getting our bank account, teudat zehut, doctor because I had found out we were expecting our first child. But when we woke up that morning, we found out the next week my husband was going to the army for a month. I may have fainted- don’t remember because I have blocked that period out of my mind. So we were pregnant, homeless, stuffless, and I would be all alone in a new country. Fantastic. What better way to spend my first month in Israel.

The next time he had miluim I think we had just had our first baby- he was four months old- and we were moving to a new apartment and starting a new job. My lucky day was when Rafi came home from miluim to accept our lift (aka 70 gagillion boxes filled with who knows what that I needed to unpack since we were starting work as soon as he got home. Oh yeah, and I also had to take care of my four month old at the same time). Isn’t the army nice for giving him one day off to help me?

The time after that, we were expecting our second baby and I had a 14 month old and the flu. That one was so fun. Oh and my 14 month old had rotavirus. Or was that the next time?

I think this time was the kicker. I kid you not. Exactly one month to the day after giving birth to Achinoam, Rafi is in the army for a month. Oh and he has three exams and two papers to write while he’s there. My lucky day was the day he originally was called for- June 14th- the day I gave birth. He wouldn’t have had to go had it not changed to July 14th.  Luckily I was able to walk and as I’m sure the army knows, one month after giving birth, every mother is up and able to care for her 3.3 year old, 1.5 year old, and newborn.  Oh and I’m sure they also knew that I was able to do laundry, cook, and handle the unrelenting heat. I’m sure that’s why they made that rule and made no exceptions for how many kids you have, whether you have your family close by, and whether you have a budget for a babysitter. I’m sure they considered all those factors when stealing my husband from us for an entire month, the month after I gave birth. I’m looking forward to my lucky day who knows when next week, when he comes back.

I really needed to get that off my chest.

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yom yerushalayim 010This might have been my last Yom Yerushalayim celebrated as a family since Rafi will be going to work full time next year (tears of sadness and joy).

Abba and G

Abba and G

It was a fun day! As always, the kids came back dirty, cranky, and full of junk food, but it was worth it. I love living in Yerushalayim and I’m going to be a little sad to leave one day. Every year they have this parade called the Rikkudgalim, where people wear their blue and white and march to the kotel (I couldn’t fit into blue and white this year). As opposed to Yom Haatzmaut, Yom Yerushalayim has a more religious feel to it. People are out on the streets dancing and celebrating the miracle of winning the Six Day War and recapturing Jerusalem, our spiritual epicenter. And what better way to celebrate than to dance in the streets all the way to the kotel. If you see the kids blog, you’ll see the video at the end. Tzviya is busy waving her flag to the tune of “ba’neshama” and the words to the song are “ani maamin, b’emunah shleima, b’viat hamashiach b’eretz yisrael shel ahava….ahavat yisrael b’neshama”. It’s truly a blessing and a miracle to be here in a place full of love, life, and vitality.

Can you tell I’m majorly pregnant? It’s been a week of really mushy posts…one thing is for sure, there will definitely be more!

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Israeli Air Force jets fly over the base

Many people I’ve spoken to are against visiting the many army/air force/and naval bases because they can’t stand all the kids jumping all over the tanks when they feel the mood should be more solemn and serious. I agree with the sentiment that the army is “serious” and has to be thought of like that- unfortunately it IS a dangerous place to be and everyone knows someone who was killed in battle or affected by terrorism here. However, I feel really strongly that we should all go out and show support for our soldiers on Memorial Day and Independence Day BECAUSE of that fact- because everyone knows someone. These soldiers are not just someone we heard about on the news- they are our sons, daughters, brothers, cousins, and friends. Every person has a connection to the Israeli Army and that’s reason enough to go and show support.

On Yom HaAtzmaut this year we went to an Air Force Base in the center of the country and we had a blast. Our children who are 1 and 3 have that much more of a connection with the State because of it- and they also loved watching the airplanes. Even my 1 year old can say “Hercules” now!

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I came accross this site yesterday. I am sure there are many that I didn’t have time to look up, but it’s a cute little site and it gives you some ideas. One thing everyone should know is that all the army bases in the country are open so feel free to visit and say thank you to our soldiers.

Click here for a link for Yom Haatzmaut activities

Click here for more ideas for family activities. I’ll expound on some of them in a different post. Many good ideas here. Just remember, you can also go to any National Park on holidays like this and there are always activities going on.

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