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The Parade

The Parade

Apparently on lag b’omer day, there is a parade in every neighborhood (in Jerusalem) done by Chabad. My friend Rena had this great idea (as she always does) that we would go to the Parade and then do dinner at their house. Well to me, it was a good idea- Gedalya would play with A and it would be a fun family activity. The only thing that I forgot was that Rafi wouldn’t be able to be there and that I’m 36 weeks pregnant. You see, I don’t think about my pregnancy when I’m sitting down. But when I stand up, it becomes blatantly clear to me that no, I can’t run that fast, or for that matter, walk that fast. But I didn’t think about it.  So I told her I’d come with the kids and I’d pick up Rafi at the library on the way home (at 7pm). The parade was at 3:30- that meant 3.5 hours with the kids on the go.

I finished my day of work and went to pick the kids up from daycare when I realized, I’m 36 weeks pregnant!!! What the heck was I thinking???????? But it was too late. I already told Gedalya that we were going to see A and to a big parade.

We arrived in Rena’s neighborhood and because of the parade, I had to park a little bit away from her house- a five minute walk. We were starving so I told the kids we’d go get a treat. Mistake #1- the makolet was closed and the only store that was open was what I later learned was a jewelry store for fruit. Yes, I did buy 4 peaches, a bag of almonds and a bag of craisins for 57 NIS. YES LAUGH, I GIVE YOU PERMISSION. DON’T GO TO THE FRUIT STORE ON THE CORNER OF KEREN KAYEMET and GREEN (the restaurant- that’s for another post) UNLESS YOU DON’T MIND SPENDING YOUR LIFE SAVINGS ON FRUIT. I’ll give the store this: the fruit was very fresh and tasty. But you could accomplish the same thing at the shuk.

I got over the shock and we heard drums and went to see the parade. As it turns out, the parade consisted of a car playing music, some 50 Chabad kids banging on drums, and a whole lot of women with young children following them. Not so exciting, but the kids liked the drums so it was ok.

Skip ahead, we go to Rena’s house for Pizza. I’m wiped and Gedalya hasn’t gone to the bathroom in 3 hours. I say “lets go to the bathroom and make.” and he says, “NO. I don’t have pish.” Five seconds later there is literally no dry spot on his pants. Rena and Ahron were really good sports about this. At least we didn’t stain their carpet. We got cleaned up in the bathtub and luckily Rafi had packed us a change of clothes. Too bad we didn’t pack a change of shoes- we went barefoot. G went on to eat five slices of pizza with A while watching Curious George and Rena and I plopped down on the couch. Tzviya poured an entire cup of water on herself but she didn’t seem to mind, so I didn’t bother changing her.

You know when the day just naturally comes to an end? So it was six and we were ready to leave but weren’t supposed to pick up Rafi till seven. I tried to make conversation but it was obvious that the mega-prego ladies (ie: me and Rena) needed to just rest. So we sent her husband to pick up my car from a mile away and he saved us and we went to pick Rafi up at the library. Thank Gd for nice husbands and good friends.

Oh, I skipped the part where I had only a single stroller and Tzviya refused to sit in it, so I had to hold her the whole way to Rena’s. And I also missed the part where therefore, Rena had to push my stroller while I carried her (thank you Rena). Again, what would I do without good friends.

Needless to say, pished on, shoeless, and one wet child later, I needed to blog about this afterwards.


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