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Rafi's amazing artisan bread

Rafi's amazing artisan bread

Rafi made this amazing bread for shavuot last week. His culinary skills have seriously surpassed mine and the funny thing is, I’m ok with it. I never thought I would be. When we first got married, I insisted on being the super wife- cooking up gourmet meals in the kitchen. I loved it, but I know it partly came from wanting to carve out a niche for myself in the relationship. It was a way to give, to provide for my husband and my family, and it was very fulfilling.

For me, cooking is still fun, but since pregnancy and child rearing, I guess I’m finding more ways to contribute and the cooking just isn’t as important to me. Although, it could just be that I’m in my 39th week and heck, following all those instructions? I’d rather sit back and watch the Today show. That’s why Rafi’s new culinary skills couldn’t have come at a better time. Since I have limited ability to stand up in the kitchen, he has recently taken over. He now has a favourite blog and a website that he goes to for recipes (desserts mostly). Cooking allows him freedom to explore his creative side and create something from nothing. When it comes out good, which it always does, it’s really fulfilling.

Something else came out of this “baking binge” (if you will) and that is more admiration of him. When we’re looking for a husband, we have in our heads the criteria we’re looking for. We’re very often turned off when that person isn’t exactly what we want. I remember when we were dating (this actually sounds nuts), one day in the summer he wore a polo shirt untucked. He had always worn a tucked in striped or plain blue button down shirt so this was a big change. I don’t know why, but I was like, “what are you wearing?” In my head, he had to be put together and look like a mentch. Yes, when one day he wore shorts I almost blew my top!  I got over it (I know that wasn’t the best example, but it certainly illustrated my nuttiness).I realized he could be himself, not the image in my head.

So when he took on these baking projects and the outcome was just way beyond what I ever had the patience to create, I realized this was a whole unexplored dimension to my husband that I never knew before and I saw him in a whole new light. Isn’t that what relationships are all about? Always keeping an open mind and heart to discovering new and wonderful qualities in your spouse. It’s nice when it happens and I hope and know that there will be many more good surprises like this one along the way!

You can see some of his creations here. Yes, he was mentioned on my sister-in-law’s blog!


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