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Home from the homefront

and we're back in business!

and we're back in business!

I’ve been waiting for about a month for Rafi to get home and I know that tomorrow I won’t remember he was gone! That’s how it is, isn’t it? You adapt your life, do nothing all day just trying to conserve the energy for when you have 3¬† kids under 4 to take care of, and then one day your life goes back to normal and you’re not alone anymore. How wonderful it is that we all possess the power to block¬† out the difficult times. On the other hand, it was a really good excuse why I didn’t clean the house, cook anything, do any laundry, spent a lot of money on really sugary coffee drinks, spent a lot of money on takeout, and let the kids watch TV, oh and not brush their teeth. Now what am I going to do?? I WAS LIVING THE GOOD LIFE!!! I guess we’re all out of the army now, all in our own way. Life has to go back sometime. But I’m still going to get my coffee blend though, I AM still on maternity leave.


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