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Taking a break

Hey everyone. I’m taking a break and I just wanted you to know….this has been fun!


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Little A on Thursday...

I still don't know why I took this picture. We were just waiting to see the doctor here. Before picture.

You ask a good question, and there is a good answer. My baby, Achinoam, got really really sick. She somehow got this disease called HUS. No one knows where it came from, but it originated from (sorry to be graphic) a gastro-diarrhea-stomach infection. Her diapers also had blood, which led the doctor to think she had shigella. We gave her the necessary antibiotics and thought we were on a good path to recovery, but by Shabbat morning, she wasn’t getting better. She was crying a lot and totally lethargic. I had spoken to my dad (a doctor) before shabbat and he had said to watch out for dehydration. I realized that she hadn’t had any wet diapers since the previous night and I decided to take her to the hospital right away.

first shabbat out

After picture: Our first shabbat out of the hospital

Reads: Went to Meir Hospital at 10:20


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In Israel, we have a severe lack of rain. We pray beginning the last day of Sukkot for rain, asking G-d to help us with our crops and sustain us. As opposed to other countries where rain falls all the time and it’s viewed as a nuisance, here in Israel we consider it a blessing. (more…)

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I absolutely love to create things. When I have time (or make time), I paint kippot, I paint with watercolor, make hairclips, do this and that. But I really love making kippot because a little someone in my house goes crazy over them. (more…)

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We just got back from Beit Hatfutzot’s first ever Sukkot Family Festival and I can’t give enough praise. The theme of the festival is “family tree” so all the events are based around Jewish roots. For example, there was a 2-story painted tree in which they hung rimonim that people decorated with their names. It became a real piece of art that was formed over the course of the day and we felt like we contributed to it. It was an amazing sight!

There was a concert by Yishai Lapidot, which was a nice mix of classic jewish music and modern songs- perfect for the “mixed” crowd that attended. There was also a harpist explaining where his music came from (we couldn’t do everything, so we missed out on that one). There were huge drumming circles and what was most amazing to me, were the incredible sukkot on display, each representing an idea. One was “sukkat david hanofalet”.

There was representation from many Jewish organizations there, such as KKL, Masa, B’nei Akiva, Emunah, and the Jewish Agency.  Around each stand there was an art project which were all free as publicity for the organizations. There were other (“better”) stations that cost 5 NIS each, but were even more fantastic. You could make your own family tree, decorate a bag, make a puppet theater, and decorate door signs for your house.

Popsicles were 5 NIS – very important to know- and bathrooms were very easily accessible (bring Purell- you can’t have it all!)

We had a wonderful time and look forward to going back next year. You can get more info here.

Here are some pictures of us there!

Had a blast meeting superstar rockstar Yishai Lapidot

Superstar Yishai Lapidot (formerly oif simchas) gave a really fun concert!

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View of different types of sechach (sukkah roofs).

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ושמחת בחגך והיית אך שמח

The mitzvah of happiness is found juxtaposed to the mitzvah of Sukkot. The question is why? One thought would be the act of going out of our house and into a simple house, a sukkah, we remember our history- living in the desert under the protection of the cloud of Hashem. We remember that all we have is really from the one Above- our health, our wealth, our family. Sukkot is also called chag ha’asif, the “festival of collecting” (collecting grain from the fields). We remember Gd’s grace in giving us the food we have, and we are in essence, reenacting the harvesting process. Just like when workers go into the field to harvest, they must sleep there for weeks at a time, we also sleep outside remembering and reenacting the harvest and our experience in the desert.

Today’s little thing: Think about what you are grateful for and what you are happy about. Think about what you have, a nice thing that someone did for you, and thank them for it. And plan one fun thing to do with you family during the holiday of Sukkot.

Chag Sameach!

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Just Hello!

I thought I’d start off this blog by telling you why I’m here. See, my kids have had a blog for a few years now and I  felt a bit left out, like my own voice was not coming through. I felt like I wanted to express how I feel  for instance when my 3 year old son Gedalya leans over and gives me a kiss and says thank you for whatever I’ve just passed him, not realizing how cute he’s being. when my one-year old Tzviya puts her head on my shoulder and then lifts it up, looks at me, smiles, and puts it back. Or when I know what my husband, Rafi, is going to say before he says it and the look on his face when I answer him before he’s even asked the question. Then there are the zany and wacky moments which I can’t remember at this hour, but it’s all fun, even when it’s stressful. So that’s why I’m here.

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