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Taking a break

Hey everyone. I’m taking a break and I just wanted you to know….this has been fun!


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Little A on Thursday...

I still don't know why I took this picture. We were just waiting to see the doctor here. Before picture.

You ask a good question, and there is a good answer. My baby, Achinoam, got really really sick. She somehow got this disease called HUS. No one knows where it came from, but it originated from (sorry to be graphic) a gastro-diarrhea-stomach infection. Her diapers also had blood, which led the doctor to think she had shigella. We gave her the necessary antibiotics and thought we were on a good path to recovery, but by Shabbat morning, she wasn’t getting better. She was crying a lot and totally lethargic. I had spoken to my dad (a doctor) before shabbat and he had said to watch out for dehydration. I realized that she hadn’t had any wet diapers since the previous night and I decided to take her to the hospital right away.

first shabbat out

After picture: Our first shabbat out of the hospital

Reads: Went to Meir Hospital at 10:20


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