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An Array of Ailments

TLCI have been away for a really long time. I’m sorry- I’d like to blame it all on jet-lag, but we did get back from Toronto two months ago. Since then, Rafi and I both started new (wonderful) jobs, Rafi’s with not as wonderful hours. Then came Sukkot, where we didn’t have a chance to breathe and I didn’t check my email once in three weeks (it was actually really nice learning what life is like without a computer- like rehab). And then last week I went to the hospital with Achinoam at around 4 am because she couldn’t be calmed and she threw up. When does a 4 month old throw up? When they have viral meningitis. I will not go into it here, but Baruch Hashem in a big way that she is ok. So for any mothers out there are wondering if they should take their baby to the doctor or wait till morning, go with your gut. You can’t beat a mother’s instinct. So she is better now, again, thank Gd, and I come down with what I think is a virus. But instead of getting better, I’m holed up at home with the chills and a fever, sore throat and I decide to call the doctor. Apparently, I have swine flu. Again, I am more or less fine now and I’m hoping no one near me will catch it- at least until I’m able to take care of them. Now, today (yes, this is happening as you’re reading this), I am home with one of the worst headaches of my life- probably unrelated to the flu, but the doctor said my husband needs to stay home and take care of me. So that’s him up there- I had to take a picture for posterity, since I just charged my camera after three months of a dead battery, and also because he never stays home anymore and it’s nice having him around for the day. Here’s to a healthy next week!


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