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I came accross this site yesterday. I am sure there are many that I didn’t have time to look up, but it’s a cute little site and it gives you some ideas. One thing everyone should know is that all the army bases in the country are open so feel free to visit and say thank you to our soldiers.

Click here for a link for Yom Haatzmaut activities

Click here for more ideas for family activities. I’ll expound on some of them in a different post. Many good ideas here. Just remember, you can also go to any National Park on holidays like this and there are always activities going on.


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Last night at Ahuva’s yummy Yom Haatzmaut meal, we were talking about things we appreciate here that wouldn’t happen outside of Israel. My friend Sharon commented that her son wouldn’t have sang the song with the verse “ani baniti bayit…” anywhere outside of Israel and it occured to me that no matter where we live, there’s no other place in the world besides our Medinat Yisrael that MY son would have spontaneously broke out into the song “Happy Birthday to you” about. It just makes you appreciate what a special place this is and what a blessing it is to live here.

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Hello again Bugaboo

The Beloved Bugaboo

The Beloved Bugaboo

Since I’m in my 8th month of pregnancy, I thought I’d attempt to get my Bugaboo wheels fixed. You see, for about a year now, the Bugaboo has been sitting in our living room with one flat tire. We attempted to fix it but it wouldn’t pump. I went all the way to the store I bought it in called SEGAL (in Talpiot) and they couldn’t help me. They said they don’t do tikkunim, but they gave me the number for Bugaboo Israel- ie: someone named Reut’s cell number. I called Reut and a man picked up. “Can I speak to Reut please?” “eh, Reut isn’t working here anymore. It’s Itzik.” I proceeded to tell Itzik the problem and he said, “Oh we don’t do that.” (Well what do you do then??!?!!) He told me his friend Tzachi works at Chasdei Shmuel and to tell him I spoke to Itzik and he should help me. You see, that’s how it works here. No customer service. No organized anything, but yes my friend so and so can do x for you, just tell him you spoke to me. It’s better than customer service! It’s like everyone’s your long lost Uncle Morty who will do you a favor.

So I made my way to Chasdei Shmuel and they fixed it. Btw- I did have to beg say I spoke to Itzik/or Bugaboo Israel, for them to give me any attention, but it was worth it to get my Bugaboo back.

Website: Chasdei Shmuel website

or More info on Chasdei Shmuel

Phone Number: 02-538-4414

Tips: They open at 10:00 am- so those of you who want to go right after you drop your kids off at gan- don’t bother. Put in a load of laundry first, maybe catch up on some work, then go.
You must ask for Tzachi (he wears a white shirt and velvet kippa, like most of the workers there and is very nice and helpful). He speaks pretty good english.

To get there the easiest way coming from the central bus station or the entrance to the city, you can go all the way down (or up) Yirmiyahu street till the big intersection called Shmuel HaNavi St. Make a left and your first left is Ezrat (or Ezras) Torah neighborhood. Make the first right and go down the hill. You’ll see the store on the left.

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The Birthday Cake

This always happens to me. I have these lofty ideas for my kids birthdays and instead of steady planning, investigating, and research, I wait till the night before at 10:30pm 9pm. This time I had even made two square chocolate birthday cakes earlier in the day in preparation. My son wanted a Percy cake. For those of you who don’t know Thomas The Tank Engine, each engine has a name, number, color, and personality. So my son wanted his Percy cake and Percy is green. He also wanted two cars trailing behind complete with wheels etc etc etc. I was excited at the prospect of making this cake and bringing it to his play group. I would be the best Ima there. Anyway, I got all ready to ice the cake with my white buttercream icing (I had already nixed the idea of fondant since it’s WAY too time consuming). I cut the cake into a train shape, stacked it all into one engine and two cars. It looked blobby really nice. I was hopeful. I took out the buttercream and started to ice. Crumbs attached themselves to the spatula and half the engine fell off. I tried to glue it back on holding it together with my fingers and using the icing as glue. Didn’t work. More kept falling off. I was on the verge of crying when I called to Rafi “What time does the supermarket open tomorrow morning?” He replied “You’ve got to be kidding me. Your thinking of scrapping the cake?” I walked into his office. Tears welled up in my eyes thinking about my son’s disappointment. I also didn’t want to look like the weirdo mom who really doesn’t know how to bake. He said, “lets take a look at it.” We walk into the kitchen together and before him are three blobs with white icing in various places covered in chocolate crumbs. It looked horrible. “What are you talking about? This is beautiful!! He’s going to love it!” I started feeling a sense of hope, convincing myself that the only solution here would be deluding myself or waking up REEALLY early to go to the store for more eggs and flour for another cake. I chose delusion, cognitive dissonance if you will. It worked. Rafi enthusiastically said “all we have to do is add more frosting!” and I said “how do you think we should do that if the crumbs are all falling off?”. Then I thought about it. “How about melting the icing a little?” He said, “good idea.” So we melted the icing, added the color and poured it on. We worked quickly so that the icing would spread out and added some candy to cover the un-iced spots. Rafi added more candy for tracks and PRESTO! A n almost beautiful Percy cake! It was a valiant attempt. Lesson learned: never leave things till the last minute- a lesson I should have learned in kindergarden and will forget the next time around, you’ll see. Another lesson learned: You don’t need to be perfect for your kids to love you- or your husband to.

Needless to say that G loved the cake and so did his classmates. His teacher said there was never a cake like this before in her class. Not sure what she meant by that, but we’ll go with- “You’re the best Ima on the planet!” Thank you, thank you.

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Just Hello!

I thought I’d start off this blog by telling you why I’m here. See, my kids have had a blog for a few years now and I  felt a bit left out, like my own voice was not coming through. I felt like I wanted to express how I feel  for instance when my 3 year old son Gedalya leans over and gives me a kiss and says thank you for whatever I’ve just passed him, not realizing how cute he’s being. when my one-year old Tzviya puts her head on my shoulder and then lifts it up, looks at me, smiles, and puts it back. Or when I know what my husband, Rafi, is going to say before he says it and the look on his face when I answer him before he’s even asked the question. Then there are the zany and wacky moments which I can’t remember at this hour, but it’s all fun, even when it’s stressful. So that’s why I’m here.

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